Biography introduction

Studying Taijiquan as a young boy (Shanghai, 1949-1965)
  Dr. Wu BaoYuan
  Professor Yao Huanzhi
  Tian ChaoLing

How the Cultural Revolution made me a Taijiquan teacher
  Escape from Xinjiang
  (Xinjiang Autumn 1966)

  Illness and recovery
  (Shanghai, spring 1967)

  Teaching in FuXing park
  (Shanghai, 1967-1972)

During the Cultural Revolution (Xinjiang 1972-..)
  Return to Xinjiang
  Flight from prosecution
  In hiding
  Cleared of all charges
  To Heaven Mountain
  Away from Heaven Mountain
  A sad homecoming
  Into the desert

Article: How I slowly rediscovered Buqi

The autobiograpy of Dr. Shen Hongxun

Born on August 8th 1939 in Shanghai, China

The Chinese say that in order to become a master you need 4 things: good teachers; good friends, and to be in the right place at the right time.

Looking at my life, you will see that I had the chance to practice a lot of different things. In the beginning I could not understand these things, nor could I know where they would finally lead me. Perhaps this story can inspire you in your practice and give you self-confidence.

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1 November 2007